Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This is GOOOOOOD! The recipe is from the March 2010 edition of Southern Living. It's called Oven Chicken Risotto. The recipe calls for deli-roasted chicken and fresh basil which I tweaked a little. Deli-roasted chicken doesn't agree with Kevin's stomach (and we'll leave it at that) so I used chicken breast. I cubed it and cooked it in a little olive oil and seasoned it with seasoning salt, pepper and dried basil instead of fresh. It was still scrum-diddly-umptious! You should make this!

This is the disaster after cooking. I've said before that I'm not in love with my kitchen, and this is why--THERE IS NO ROOM!! I like to spread out when I'm cooking, and this kitchen doesn't lend itself to spreading out. I tend to try to do everything all at once when I'm cooking. I'm seasoning chicken, cooking risotto, chopping cucumbers and carrots for the salad and steaming peas, and this, all of this, is going on simultaneously! My only saving grace is that Kevin was on clean-up!

Olivia helped. She's such a big help. It's very important to have metal bowls banging on a tile floor as you cook. That's my girl--always lookin' out for her mommy!

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