Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Biltmore House Conservatory

I wanted to share more about mine and Kevin's trip to Biltmore. We tried to do and see things that we haven't done or seen in the past. This trip we didn't even go in The House because we were just there a short time ago--in October for our 5-year anniversary--and took a very thorough tour inside.

We did visit the conservatory. We hadn't been there in many years, plus it was frigidly windy outside, and the conservatory offered a warm escape from the wind. (I didn't know hurricane- force winds could strike the mountains!)

A sweet little "nook" inside the conservatory. Hyacinth were blooming. I love hyacinth!

Once inside I forgot all about the winter blahs! It's like being in a lush garden on a mild summer afternoon. It cured my spring fever (if only for a moment!)

Oooohh...tulips. I love tulips (even more than I love hyacinth.)

Tulips mean spring to me. They make me happy. They remind me of Easter Sunday as a child. We (my sister and cousins and I) used to hide Easter Eggs inside the blooms at Granny and Papa's house.

It's most definitely worth the short walk from The House to the Conservatory. You kinda forget where you are. It's like being instantly transported to a tropical island. You certainly forget that you're in the the the cold! What a wonderful, wonderful place!

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