Friday, February 19, 2010

Puppy Feet

I wrote about Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, in my first post. Before recently, I was an occasional reader of her blog. I would read a few of her most recent posts and scan through some of her latest photographs every now and then, and that would be the extent of my relationship with Ree. But, here lately, within the last 2 weeks, Ree and I have really become the best of friends.

If you haven't met Ree, let me give you a little background. She grew up living, what I would call, a charmed life. She lived on the 7th fairway of a golf course with her country club parents. She dreamed of the big city, so she attend college in L.A. and fell in love with city life. After graduating, she planned to move to Chicago to attend law school. But during a short trip to her hometown in the time between California and Chicago, she met a real, live cowboy, Marlboro Man, as she calls him. Marlboro Man is a 4th generation cattle rancher--lives and works on the same land that his great-great grandfather lived and worked on. Two COMPLETELY OPPOSITE people met and fell in love--a cowboy with cow manure pumping through his veins and a city girl with Starbucks pumping through hers. I guess the rest is history. They married, have four children and live out in the boonies on a working cattle ranch.

I'm mesmerized by it all. If nothing else, you should visit her blog to see the
pictures of their land. Really, really gorgeous. Something most of us can only dream about seeing one day. The icing on the cake is that Ree is a great photographer, so the pictures make you feel like you're there with her.

Anyway, all that aside, I've gone back to the beginning of Ree's blog, and I've been reading her "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" saga of how it all started with her and Marlboro Man. I'm addicted, I tell you! It's truly laugh-out-loud funny. Kevin is forever asking me, "What are you reading?" "Are you talking to your boyfriend on that computer?" He doesn't understand--doesn't know my best friend, Ree. If he would just let me introduce him, then he would understand. But he wants no part of it. His loss.

It's destiny that Ree and I would become friends. I know that now. I came across something today that was very validating for me. Ree and her family got a new puppy, Charlie, a Basset Hound, for Christmas 2007. She introduced Charlie to her friends shortly after Christmas. If you look at the entire post, you'll fall in love with Charlie and want to immediately run out and adopt a Basset Hound! But it's what Ree says at the very end that bonds us together...
This is Charlie. Courtsey of The Pioneer Woman.
Ree says Charlie's paws "smell rather salty. Kinda like Fritos." We are sooo best friends! I say that about Bailey's feet all the time! And Kevin just chuckles at me like I'm CRAZY. It's true! Puppy feet smell like Fritos! It's science! The Pioneer Woman and I say so!

Sincerely, Leigh

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  1. Hey Leigh,
    I'm so enjoying reading your blog and you know I love that Pioneer Woman too! Talk to you soon!