Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm New at This...

So, my first blog post. Ready!?!........Happy Valentine's Day!

I haven't started a blog before now because I've always been skeptical of the countless "bloggers" out there. I mean, do you really have anything THAT important to share with the rest of us? Anything useful? Anything brilliant to impart?? Anything that the rest of us really care about???

Let me ask those questions of, No, nO and NO! So, despite my skepticism, I've decided to join the "blogger" masses so that I may share what's important to me. My hope is that you'll find something that you too find important, something perhaps useful, hopefully something that's slightly brilliant and that you will care about.

I visited "The Pioneer Woman's" blog yesterday. If you don't know Ree Drummond--aka The Pioneer Woman--she's someone you must get to know. In short, she's a woman after my own heart--city girl turned country woman, and she does it all! Anyway, in honor of Valentine's Day, she started a running list of all the things she loves. Since reading her list, I've been keeping a mental list of my own--a list of all the things I love. I think it's a good exercise. You should try it. You'll surely learn something about yourself. Perhaps something you didn't know or something you forgot that you once knew. I'll share a few "loves" from my personal list.

I love.....

My Olivia!
Kevin's blue eyes
Clean sheets
Wendy's Frosties
"The Holiday"
Meg Ryan
The way Olivia smells after her bath
The HBO series "Band of Brothers"
My family
Clean teeth
The Biltmore House
Hilton Head Island
Clemson Football
Clemson in the fall
Yankee Candle candles
Snow days
Wood burning stoves
Home improvement of any kind
A clean car--inside and out
Putting my cold feet on Kevin!
My sister
My morning coffee with hazelnut creamer
Peanut butter and banana sandwiches with a cold glass of milk...YUMMM
Crock-pot macaroni
BBQ ribs
My granny's biscuits
My granny's cornbread dressing
Hair bows in Olivia's hair
The smell of baby powder
A clean house
Snuggling Bailey
A bargain
"Dirty Dancing"
Cookies-and-Cream ice cream
"Southern Living"
A shopping day with my mom
Christmas traditions
Bed time
Anything Kevin cooks
Ooey, gooey chocolate chip cookies
Pulling my hair back
Manicured nails
Kevin's big family
A sense of accomplishment
A neat and tidy yard
The smell of freshly cut grass
Looking at houses that are for sale

Olivia's eyelashes
A good laugh
The fact that my parents are now grandparents (of 3!)
Spring mornings
Sunday mornings--we can hear church bells outside our house
Watching Kevin with Olivia when they're not looking
Kevin in his Clemson hat
A comfy t-shirt
A nap on a rainy day
Christmas decorations
Old school Dave Matthews
The Fray
Low humidity--it's good for the hair!
An open sunroof on a sunny day
Night-night kisses for Olivia
Matthew McConaughey

Knowing the answers to questions on Jeopardy
Date nights with my hubby
Medicated chapstick
Reusable shopping bags
Genuinely nice strangers

What do you love??

Until next time...


  1. I think you have one of the best looking little girls I have ever seen.

  2. I LOVE the "I Love" list! Most of it reminds me of MAMA!! HAHA