Tuesday, August 16, 2016

1st Day of 2nd Grade

Olivia started 2nd grade today, and the icing on the cake is that she got the teacher she wanted!

I love the way her Elementary school kicks off the first day.  They play music outside and have lots of friends and peers from the community that open car doors and greet the kiddos as they walk into school.  There were school mascots cheering the kids on, church youth pastors, NewSpring staff and volunteers from KidSpring, Wofford baseball players, and Olivia got to high-five her tennis coach on the way in!  All the smiling faces and energy makes walking in the doors a lot of fun!!

Olivia has a couple of really good friends in her class, and she says she's excited to make lots of new friends, too!

So while Olivia was away at school today, Davis and I put together this little after school "party."

Before we knew it, the bus pulled up and the 1st day was under our belts!

Of course, I wanted to hear every little detail about her day, but this little kiddo is pretty tight-lipped when it comes to that sort of stuff.  She did say they didn't do much learning today--they "took time to get organized and situated."  Apparently her classroom was "infested" with cockroaches and caterpillars, and "somebody accidentally stepped on a **cal-ler-pid-ar** and green and yellow guts came out."  The highlight of her day was recess.  Enough said, I guess.  She is, after all, a pro at this school thing!

In other news, Davis says he's not going to school--he's just going to "grow bigger and go to work with Daddy."  Oh dear!



Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer Goings and Doings

It's been a fast and furious kind of summer around these parts.  Back when this thing started, I sat down with Olivia and Davis and we came up with a bucket list of things we wanted to do before school starts back.  We've been filling up our calendar each week with fun activities from our list!

A few weeks ago we took quite the little road trip to dine at this so-southern little joint known as Grits and Groceries.

Grits and Groceries is owned by Heidi and Joe Trull, and this old post office turned radio station turned restaurant is home to their idea of "real food, done real good."  According to the Grits and Groceries website, "Most recently, Heidi owned and operated the well-loved New Orleans restaurant, Elizabeth's, and Joe spent a decade as the pastry chef at Emeril Lagasse's preeminent French Quarter restaurant, Nola. As soon as they realized that they were having baby Tom, they started planning to return home to the countryside, to raise him."  And from that, Grits and Groceries was born!  

We met great friends for lunch and afterwards, walked across the street to feed the goats.  All the kiddos had lots of fun!

Once our bellies were full, it was back to our house for shenanigans in the pool!

Thanks to friend, HR, for sending these pics of our day together.  I do declare, sometimes I'm just plain worthless when it comes to taking pics!

Fast forward to today.  We started out early to eat breakfast at a great little B-fast dive, Mr. River's Breakfast Joint.  Kevin gave 2 thumbs up for the Eggs Benedict.  After more coffee refills than I can count, we headed out and walked over to the Farmers Market.

I have to say the farmers market was a little bit of a let down.  We've never been before (*gasp*) but others have talked about it as if it was more of a destination.  Maybe today was just an off Saturday for the market, or perhaps we were there a bit too late.  All I know is that I was on the hunt for fresh okra, and there was none to be found.  Sad.

But not all was lost.  We strolled around downtown a bit (something we should really do more of--it's a sweet little place) and because it was overcast, the weather was perfect for a summer morning stroll.

Good grief...Olivia has grown a MILE!

Our calendar is packed for next week, and we're kicking it off with a bang tomorrow with church, a trip to Nana and Papa's, and a sleepover with Sarah!  I feel like we have a ton more to cram in before (gulp) school starts!



Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This Is My Life

I am attempting to grow out my hair.  The struggle is real, y'all.  I did this several years ago when Olivia was a wee little thing and, surprisingly, made it pretty far.  But if I remember correctly, the hot and humid weather hit, and I couldn't chop that fuzzy fro off my head fast enough.  

So, this time, I invested in a new tool to help with the grow-out process--a fat barrel  curling iron.  Man, I haven't had one of these since high school...wait...Jr. high?  Yikes!  This puppy gets up to 450 degrees and does wonders for frying my hair into submission.  "If I don't have your respect, I will have your obedience."  Doug Stamper.  House of Cards.  Watch it.

Kevin warned me a few days ago that he thought I was taking way too hot of a shower.  He said he could smell my skin cooking.  Nope.  Not my skin, I said.  That's the smell of my burnt locks being shampooed out. 

Davis took this picture.  In the bathroom.  Me and my fat barrel curling iron.  Lawd only knows why.  

So, the other day, I'm curling away (and sweating, I might add, because I have a 450 degree iron a mere centimeters away from my head) and I had achieved fat, perfectly symmetrical ringlets around my head (this is pre-finger-comb so as to give the ringlets that I-just-woke-up-with-these-flawless-tousled-relaxed-curls but post application of my new BFF Nexxus Frizz Defy Creme.  Thank you SC and Amazon Prime for making this birthday purchase possible) when Olivia walks in to announce, "Mommy, you look old like that."  

Just when I thought I was getting on board with a hair trend, my oldest child glides right in to throw a big piece of doodie pie in my face.  "Girl, I had to SWEAT to look like this!"  

No respect.  

Little does she know she has my hair, and her struggle will too be real all the days of her life.

On a somewhat related note, Davis has experienced some recent hair struggles.

Olivia wanted to use my hairdryer after getting out of the pool.  Harmless enough, right?  

Well, apparently one thing led to another which led to these two little people playing salon.  A slamming bathroom door followed by the "click" of the lock clued me in that *something* was up.  I demand to be let in only to find Davis sitting in a kiddie chair with little clumps of hair all around and Olivia (eyes wide as saucers) with scissors in one hand and a clump of hair in the other.  The thought, "Well, it was bound to happen," flashed across my mind.  I mustered all the seriousness I could while laughing at the same time.  Olivia had given her brother a hair cut!  

Heaven help.

In Olivia's defense, Davis was way past due on a hair cut.  He truly did need one.  She took a good bit off his crown, feathered his "bangs" and gave him a pretty good hack to the scalp on one side.  The funniest part was how serious Davis was about this hair cut.  It was all perfectly legit in his mind.  As I laughed and told Olivia she couldn't cut on Davis' hair, D was all, "Noooooooooooooo!  Yaaaa-Deeeeee's cutting my hair!"

Good grief.

A recent conversation with my son...

Me:  Davis, you're a HOT mess.  Your face is dirty.  Your shirt is dirty.  Your shorts are dirty.  Your feet are dirty!  It really is true what they say...boys are just noise with dirt rubbed on it.

Davis:  (as he  points to the moles/freckles on my legs)  Weeeelllllll.....you have dots on you.

Boom.  More doodie pie.

I have some pet peeves.  Yep.  Some things that will leave me yelling all crazy eyed.  One such pet peeve--someone/something undoing what I've just done.  Whoa.  Makes me want to  destroy someone/something!

So here's Bailey...undoing all my clean and sorted and folded laundry.  Just rubbing his stank and dog hair all over it.  DANG DOG!

I love him, tho.  Dang it.

I mean, do you have to lay on the clean clothes? 

No respect.  Why do I even try? 

Yesterday I took my noise with dirt rubbed on it to get a proper hair cut.   Hair cuts rule b/c you get a lollipop!  Can this count as breakfast?

I spy a Superman curl in the works...(*I wanna be like Daddy!*)

Speaking of Daddy...Kev informed me last night that I was raising a redneck.  I was all, "Rednecks are my people, and I love them.  Dang it!"

All because Davis announced, "Eye-ya. Wanna. Ride. Uh......Piiiiiiiiiiig!"

If my 36 year old self told my 26 year old self this would be my life in 10 years I'd be in horrified disbelief!  But life is wonderfully crazy like that.



Sunday, April 17, 2016

DIY Pool Towel Rack

We are on the home stretch with our screened porch/deck addition!  Here's what's left do do:

  • Contractor to install railings outside of screen (we'll be taking these off just as soon as we pass the inspection)
  • Concrete work to marry pool patio with new deck stairs
  • DIY skirted server/buffet/storage
Here's what I'm thinking for my server...

via Dixie Delights
We'll have shelves underneath for beach towels, sunscreen, and pool toys, and it will all be concealed with a burlap skirt!  Kev and I will be working on this today, and fingers crossed it will be a quick and easy project!

I worked on a little towel rack for the porch--a little spot for the kiddos to hang wet beach towels and such after getting out of the pool.  This was a super easy project that was less than 3 bucks with a scrap of 1x6, some coat hooks, and leftover chalkboard paint.

I cut my 1x6 to 23'' with the miter saw.

Then I measured and marked where the center of the board was so I could cut an arrow on one end.

On the opposite end of my board, I traced one of the triangles that I cut off above to make the tail of the arrow.

I used the jig saw to cut the triangle out of the tail.

Once that was done, I had an arrow!  I used 220 grit sandpaper and sanded that board in a flash!

Wiped it down with a tac cloth.

Then I marked where I wanted to secure my hooks and predrilled those holes.

After that, I slapped on a coat of chalkboard paint.

This is what Davis did while I worked!

Then he helped me with the second coat of paint.

Once everything was dry, I seasoned the board by rubbing a piece of chalk all over then erasing it...

I drew "POOL" on the board with a chalk marker and attached the hooks!  Done!

We've already put this little rack to good use.  Olivia and her friend next door got in the pool today (crazy! It's still way too cold!) and the hooks caught some wet towels and bathing suits!!  

Not bad for a few $$.